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“Shannon Laine, CEO of Emerge Brighter, is the strategic planning expert who is the nonprofit equivalent of Hello Fresh. If you don’t know Hello Fresh, it is a food program that delivers high-quality ingredients to your home for you to put together, cook, braise, broil or bake and then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Shannon has spent months putting together a similar product: a high-value template for strategic planning that is easily adaptable to your needs. Although Shannon was thinking of targeting small and mid-size nonprofits, I think it would work well for you big guys as well. Take a look for yourself.” ~Carol Weisman, MSW, CSP

President and Founder, Shannon Laine

About Shannon

Shannon Laine is the President and Founder of Emerge Brighter as well as a faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis, author, and entrepreneur. She has over 15 years of nonprofit management experience, excelling in strategic planning, grant writing, and organizational leadership. Moreover, she is a St. Louis Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 awardee and was honored by Missouri Athletic Club as a Woman of Distinction.

  • If Strategic Planning were a Cross-Country Road Trip
    Starting with your organization’s purpose and vision each step of the strategic planning process should outline a clear roadmap to successfully achieving that vision. If you think of a strategic plan like a cross country road trip it might look something like this:
  • 2021 Will Be The Year Of Strategic Planning. This Is Why.
    Let’s face it, whatever strategic plan you had going into 2020 is no more and I can say with confidence, it more than likely did not account for a global pandemic. As we begin to emerge this year from the pandemic, 2021 leaves us with so many questions left unanswered.…