Emerge Brighter Branding
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Hi. I’m Shannon Smock.

I founded Emerge Brighter to connect, support, and energize women in nonprofit leadership roles. As a nonprofit CEO, it was, as they say, “lonely at the top” and burnout is real! Research shows that burnout disproportionately impacts women more often than our male colleagues. Emerge Brighter is designed to be a safe space for women to connect, share resources, and participate in social activities to build and strengthen peer relationships. Learn more.


  • Why self-care should be your top priority
    Think back through this past week’s schedule. How much time did you devote to your own self-care? I am not talking about taking a shower, getting ready for work in the morning, eating, or brushing your teeth. I am talking about setting aside dedicated time to focus on the things…
  • Do you see a tree or a mushroom cloud?
    RUMINATING WHILE RUNNING When I run on my treadmill, this is a picture that I often draw inspiration from. Some days, when looking at it from afar, it appears to be a big powerful tree and some days it appears to be a mushroom cloud from an atomic bomb detonation.…
  • Here is how you can achieve your New Year’s resolutions.
    It’s that time again. The time where we make New Year’s Resolutions only to be derailed before summer even begins or for some of us by next week. Well, since 2019, I have had the most success with New Year’s Resolutions, and I am going to share with you how…