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I am Shannon Laine Smock.

I’m a cheerful, unshakable optimist that is full of adventure, and I get to share my journey with all of you. I am a lot of things and I am proud of them all. I am a boy mom, wife, university professor, world traveler, professional model and actress, philanthropist, and a huge supporter of Saint Louis, Missouri.

So what is Emerge Brighter?

Emerge Brighter is a digital company, I created. It is where I share my time, talent, and treasure to support St. Louis businesses and cultural institutions. I promote the people I believe are making a difference in St. Louis, the places I love, and share my experiences in and around this great city. I champion all that Saint Louis has to offer, including the loos, yes I do mean bathrooms.

Now don’t get me wrong, St. Louis has a lot of work to do! We absolutely have room for improvement. That being said I believe so much in the amazing people I have met and organizations I support that I feel if anyone can have a positive influence here, it’s them.

I try to post daily on my social media channels and the best way for you to connect with or follow me is by going to linktr.ee/shannonsmock. I regularly use #shannoninstlouis and #emergebrighter across social platforms.

Why Saint Louis?

I was born and raised in the Saint Louis metropolitan area, right across the river in Belleville, Illinois to be exact. I grew up in St. Louis Hills and have the fondest childhood memories of my time living there. My dad still lives in our home today, making it even more special.

My childhood was riddled with divorce, moving, changing schools and I have to admit when I graduated high school I wanted to be as far away from Saint Louis as possible. I moved to 3 different cities between 1998 and 2006. I lived in Natchitoches, LA; Dallas, TX; and Los Angeles, CA; as fun as those places were, nothing beats home.

I came back to Saint Louis and built the only children’s museum dedicated to health education in our city, HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum St. Louis. Through HealthWorks!, I was able to impact more than 250,000 children and caregivers in our community.

I simultaneously began teaching as an adjunct professor at Washington University, where I teach nonprofit and community leaders how to write grants. These individuals have gone on to successfully secure over $1 million dollars for their respective nonprofits and have had an even greater impact in our community.

My son was born in Saint Louis. I met my husband here in Saint Louis. I truly believe it is the best city to raise a family. With all of the connections I have made over the years, I have been uniquely positioned to provide support for the businesses, leaders, and cultural institutions here.

Did you really say loos?

I sure did! As an individual living with Crohn’s Disease, I even have a tendency to give a shout-out to local businesses with fancy or unique loos. What better way is there to raise awareness for a not-so-glamorous disease? So, please be sure to support St. Louis and follow my channels too. You can find them all right here.