Emerge Brighter with Shannon Laine

Hi. I am Shannon Laine.

A cheerful, unshakable optimist full of adventure, and I get to share my journey with all of you and inspire you to be bold, be brave, and be you! I am a boy mom, wife, entrepreneur, university professor, world traveler, philanthropist, and believer in living life to its fullest.

So what is Emerge Brighter?

I created Emerge Brighter, to focus on fitness, family, faith, and the freedom to just be me. Through my blog and Instagram, I share stories about my experiences and inspire others with daily youfirmations that focus on positivity, strength, connectedness, cheering each other on, and giving back.

I was the product of divorce and grew up in multiple blended families. I was diagnosed with a chronic disease at the age of 19. I survived a major career misalignment and too many “me too” experiences. With even more obstacles thrown my way, many would ask, “How have you turn out so normal?” Resilience, faith, and a positive mindset have been my key to success.

I went on to build a children’s health museum that impacted more than 250,000 children and caregivers in our community. Building the museum was no small feat. I simultaneously began teaching as an adjunct professor at Washington University and have taught more than 100 nonprofit and community leaders how to write grants. They have gone on to successfully secure over $1 million dollars for their respective nonprofits and have an even great impact on the community.

I have a very blessed life and it is one that I do not take for granted. I want to share me journey with you to inspire you to live the life you are meant to live. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and read my blog as we take this journey together.