Emerge Brighter with Shannon Laine Smock

Hi! Welcome to Emerge Brighter.

This is our CEO and Founder, Shannon Laine Smock.

Shannon is a cheerful, unshakable optimist that is full of adventure with a willingness to give back. She has many roles and is quick to acknowledge she is not so easily defined. Her family comes first. She is a boy mom and dedicated wife. She is also a university professor, world traveler, professional model and actress, philanthropist, and a proud supporter of Saint Louis, Missouri.

So what is Emerge Brighter?

Emerge Brighter is a social enterprise that supports nonprofit organizations and their leaders. Our goal is to inspire and educate nonprofit leaders through digital products so organizations can emerge brighter.

Why Nonprofits?

In 2008, our founder, Shannon Smock, was offered the role of Executive Director for a small children’s health theatre. The opportunity allowed her to combine all of her passions; children, health, and acting into one amazing role. There was just one tiny problem, she had no idea how to run a nonprofit and had never managed a single employee. Shannon spent the next decade seeking out every available professional development opportunity, such as mentors, joining professional groups, and even going back to school at Washington University to get a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management. As many of you know, professional development opportunities or hiring consultants are not cheap. Shannon was fortunate to have many of the opportunities covered by her corporate partner and self-funded others, but there were still opportunities beyond her reach.

After a successful nonprofit career, Shannon founded Emerge Brighter so she could share the knowledge she has gained over the years. Emerge Brighter’s model uses a pay what you can approach. There are no set prices. Clients are only asked to pay what they can afford or what they feel the service is worth to them.

What we offer

The first product developed to support nonprofit leaders is a strategic planning video series. Shannon developed a series of videos and templates to lead a nonprofit through the entire strategic planning process. To find out more, click here.

How can we connect?

The best way for you to connect with her is on LinkedIn or Emerge Brighter’s contact page. Shannon regularly uses #shannoninstlouis and #emergebrighter across social media platforms.