Emerge Brighter with Shannon Laine Smock

Hi! Welcome to Emerge Brighter.

I am Shannon Laine Smock.

A cheerful, unshakable optimist that is full of adventure, and I get to share my journey with all of you. I am a lot of things and I am proud of them all. I am a boy mom, wife, university professor, world traveler, professional model and actress, philanthropist, and a proud supporter of Saint Louis, Missouri.

So what is Emerge Brighter?

Emerge Brighter is a digital company whose purpose is to inspire, educate, and provide resources to nonprofit leaders so they and their organizations can Emerge Brighter.

Why Nonprofits?

In 2006, I moved back to Saint Louis from Los Angeles and fell into fundraising. After a short stint as a university fundraiser, an opportunity presented itself to apply for the Executive Director role of a small children’s health theatre. At 26 years old and never having managed anyone, I almost talked myself out of applying. However, after giving myself a pep talk and reminding myself the worst they can say is “no”, I applied and got the job.

This opportunity allowed me to combine all of my passions; children, health, and acting into one amazing role. There was just one tiny problem, I had no idea how to run a nonprofit.

My entire career was spent seeking out every professional development opportunity available, such as mentors, joining leadership groups, and even going back to school at Washington University to get a Master’s in Nonprofit Management. I never stopped trying to develop myself professionally. Many of you know, professional development and consultants are not cheap. I was blessed to be provided tuition remission and scholarships that helped me on my journey. Now it is time for me to provide others with opportunities to strengthen and grow themselves and their organizations.

I was able to grow a small children’s health theatre that was on the verge of going defunct, into the only children’s museum dedicated to health education in our city, HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum St. Louis. During my tenure at HealthWorks!, we impacted more than 250,000 children and caregivers in our community.

I simultaneously began teaching as an adjunct professor at Washington University, where I teach nonprofit and community leaders how to acquire revenue, such as grants, and how to market their organizations. These individuals have gone on to successfully secure over $1 million dollars for their respective nonprofits and have had an even greater impact in our community.

With all of the connections I have made over the years, I have been uniquely positioned to provide support for nonprofit leaders and organizations. In order to provide resources that are affordable for everyone, I developed my first product that focuses on strategic planning as a low-cost video series that leads an organization through the entire strategic planning process. To find out more, click here.

How can we connect?

The best way for you to connect with or follow me is by visiting my Linktree. or Emerge Brighter’s contact page. I regularly use #shannoninstlouis and #emergebrighter across social media platforms.