3 Steps to Landscape Your Life for Success

Last week, as I stepped out the backdoor to go do yard work, I quickly noticed I had my work cut out for me. The weeds had completely taken over. I decided to start one bed at a time and by the time I reached my third garden bed I realized yard work is a lot like Life. 

How, might you ask?

Well, let’s talk about weeds. Weeds are like all the unimportant things that clutter your life. They take away your time, your space, and can even suck the nutrients and energy right out of you. Weeds come in many shapes and sizes. Some are good at disguising themselves as something pretty and important. Others clearly show off their thorns and that they are there to do harm.

Weeds can take up space, cause harm, and hurt!

Before we talk about how to identify a weed in your life let’s talk about the plants that you do want to cultivate.

Plants to cultivate

The plants you choose to cultivate in your garden can be from different categories with an abundance of choices in each. You can choose from annuals, perennials, or even trees. Annuals are plants you must replace every single year. They have a short life expectancy, but they tend to have long-lasting beautiful blooms. Perennials are plants that live more than one year and although they bloom each year their blooms can last shorter than that of annuals. Trees are what we plant with longevity in mind. You might hope the seedling you plant today will be big enough 20 years from now to provide a shady space to enjoy on a hot summer day.  So, you might be asking yourself how in the world does any of this apply to my life and achieving success? Well, I am going to tell you. Are you ready? Below I have listed the three steps!

Know your purpose

First, you must start with your purpose. If we are talking about your garden, you have to identify the purpose of your garden. You do not just plant random things all over the place, right? Typically, you have a purpose for what you plant and where you plant it. Is it to simply be beautiful? Is it to attract a variety of different species and provide them with food and shelter? Is your garden meant to feed your family and provide vitamins and nutrients to your diet? Or is it meant to be designed to gather friends and family with play spaces and water features to enjoy? The purpose of your garden will determine everything else in your landscaping plan. So, if you think about that in the context of your life. What is your purpose? Why do you believe you exist? 

Visualize your vision

 Once you identify your purpose, the second thing you need is to have a clear understanding of where you want to end up. This is your vision. Your vision is the version of yourself that you want to be. So back to our garden example, if you have determined the purpose of your garden is to create a space to attract a variety of different species and provide them with food and shelter you will want to consider plants and trees that will attract all types of birds, butterflies, small animals, and more in your garden’s design. What will it look like? Many of your plants and trees will start off small. Some of them will stay small and others will take time to grow into the version you want to one day see in your yard, but you have to know what you want your yard to look like in the end so that you can select the right plants today that will allow you to achieve your overall vision. Just like in life, maybe you see yourself in 10 years starting your own business or maybe sending kids to college, perhaps maybe both. You have to know what you want in the future in order to plant the seeds for success today. 

Identify your values

Third, you must understand what you value most in life. Your values are the way you behave and the way you do everything that you do. Values are so important that if someone does not share your values that you are willing to walk away from them today. When someone or something lacks the same values that you do, they are the weeds in your life. They can get in your way, take away your sunshine and energy, stunt your growth, and your ability to reach your vision. It is critical that you can identify the values in your life that are so important to you that you are willing to pull some of the weeds and let them go. An example might be hanging onto a career that does not value your health or time with your family. Maybe you are in a relationship where you and your partner’s values just do not align. Or maybe you value “showing up”. Think about all of those so-called friends who only call you when they need something and when the tables are turned, they are never there to help you in a time of need. These are all examples of weeds, and you have to make time to assess your garden so you can remove the weeds that pop up and take the nutrients and focus away from the plants you really care about. The ones that allow you to achieve your vision.

You are the master gardener of your life. Once you clearly align your purpose, vision, and values, you can create a Strategic Life Plan to achieve the life you want and Emerge Brighter! 

I am the Master Gardener of my life!

I am Shannon Laine, founder and CEO of Emerge Brighter. I share my life stories, experience, and tips so you can reveal your potential and achieve the life you want. Follow my blog here or on Instagram @EmergeBrighter.

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